Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Owl Feliz

The Joann's near us is moving and had 70-90% off of everything to clear the old store.  I picked up entire bolts of cute corduroy prints and solids and turned some of it into these dresses this week.  These two are identical with owls for the under-dress and a dark purple over-dress with applique and trimmed pockets on the left hip.  The other one I made last weekend and has a purple under-dress with butterflies printed all over it.  Four butterflies are appliqued to the apron and the pocket is entirely butterflies instead of just trimmed.

I love love love the Feliz pattern for dresses.  It cuts and sews together super easy and is extremely forgiving to my casual non-pinning, hardly measuring sewing style.  And as far as investment of time, the dress grows easily with the child thanks to the elastic and ribbons and eventually becomes a top and/or a skirt (tuck in the straps). Katie can easily get six or seven years of wear out of these!


  1. Okay, tell me what kind of sewing machine you own. I'm determined that my sewing. Machine is the main reason I struggle to like the sewing process.

  2. My machine is a Kenmore embroidery machine but, like all Kenmore products, it's really a different brand just re-packaged with Kenmore's seal of approval. It is identical to a Janome, but I bought it back in 2001 so I can't seem to find the comparable machine anymore. It has embroidery functionality and is just an absolute work horse. Heavy and strong and no nonsense. It also cost close to $1000 but with all the veils I made with it, it has paid for itself 10 times or more. I dread the day I have to replace it!

  3. Also: even without the fancy machine, there are things to make sewing infinitely easier.

    1. hemming feet. Just get them. I used them for all the hems on these dresses and on the wedding dress I altered for a friend this summer and everything else I make. Worth every penny; and really not that pricey. I got a 2-pack with different sizes for about $20.

    2. Some kind of guided foot for top stitching. I use my blind-hem foot which has a little plastic adjustable guide that is supposed to be for sewing blind hems (obviously) but works beautifully for guiding along the edge of a project and keeping the top stitching in a perfectly acceptable line.

    I just discovered both of these in the last year and don't know what I was doing for the last 20 years without them.