Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh heavens, it's still November.

NaBloPoMo, when is it over?

We had another crazy gorgeous day.  Katie and August and I met up with friends at the park and about half the city to play and ride bikes while Rob and Jorge were out on their own.  When I found out they wouldn't be home for dinner I took the opportunity to take Katie and August out to eat wherever they wanted.   So many places are basically off limits because the non-dairy options are too few.  Friendly's is way up on that list since darn near everything on the menu has milk and/or cheese prominently featured and the entire dessert concept is milk based.  So Friendly's was the winner.  Katie and August inhaled the mac-n-cheese (a very rare treat) and the ice cream topped with whipped cream and gummi bears and chocolate chips.

On our way home we stopped at the pet store for cat food.  They had a few cats in the animal rescue area as well as the usual fish tanks and a neighborhood of rodents and birds.  He signed "pig" (for the Guinea pig), "cat", "fish" and "bird" enthusiastically and squeaked around from one display to the other with non-stop chatter and signing as he told me, Katie, the other shoppers, and even the other animals about everything he was seeing.  Better than a zoo.

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