Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holly Homemaker goes back to work...

What a fun weekend.

Friday I slept.  A lot.

Saturday the kids and I made some fall crafts and puttered around the house.  We processed seven pumpkins from the basement into 6 bags of pumpkin puree (2 cups each) and 3 pints of a soupier pumpkin broth and four cups of roasted pumpkin seeds.  We played some games, I may or may not have lost my mind screaming at a certain child for writing his name all over the piano bench in marker and then grounded him to his room for an hour or eternity or until the bench decomposed and replaced itself with a tree.

Where was I?

We ate a lot of leftovers and I went to bed around 8 Saturday.  Mama knows how to par-tay.  Sunday was a laid back day since Katie, August, and I all have a small stomach bug.  I used the pumpkin soup to make a loaf of pumpkin bread and the big kids went outside for hours.  Rob took August up for a nap and I sewed Katie a dress from some fabric I bought at 90% off during a store closing sale.  Lazzzy day.  By mid afternoon most of us were feeling bored and cooped up so Rob and Jorge rode bikes while Katie and I pushed August in the stroller down to the local grocery store and all five of us milled around like we've never been in public before.  There may or may not have been an incident involving the free pumpkin pie samples.

And we stopped at our library where they had an artisan market and bake sale happening.  I misread the price on one of the books the kids picked up and sent them up to the counter with way less money than required.  The woman seemed confused but apparently figured Jorge was a shrewd bargainer and made the deal.  It wasn't until after the kids were in bed this evening that I noticed the price tag showing that the book was five times what I had given him.  I need to send him in to the Dean's office in March.

And for dinner tonight we successfully made gnocchi.  This is hardly worth bragging about since the directions are: boil salted water, add frozen gnocchi, drain after 12 minutes, serve.  (Wait, did you think I MADE gnocchi?  You're cute.)  But the only other time I tried to make it everyone at the table threw it out after one bite.  And we were all grown-ups pre-kids.  So, yeah, I'm going to take that as a major hurdle crossed.

Tomorrow: back to the routine.  If by "routine" you mean "spend most of the morning at the doctor's office and then spend the rest of the day trying to edit a 41 page paper down to 32 pages."  Then, yes.  Back to that.

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