Monday, November 28, 2011


I've been working on a project with a co-author for nearly 2 years now and as far as I was concerned we were done with it.  She kept tinkering with it but I was done.  We would submit it for publication very soon, which involves a series of 4-5 reviewers picking it apart, verifying the math, and generally looking for holes.

Today I attempted to start a new project and pulled out a complicated formula from a section I had worked on for weeks and weeks.  I plugged it into the new project and found....nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  I checked and rechecked and re-re-checked and re-re-re...well, you get the point.

Three hours later I found the mistake.  And naturally it was at the very first point of the problem which means (blaalrlrgllle darllghhle) the whole thing needs to be re-solved.

Better that I found it than the reviewers.  Or that it got published with a mistake.  Better.  Better.  Better.  (blllarragkladal)


  1. Maybe you're not the kind to need this sort of outlet, and it might frighten your co-workers, but how about a punching bag in your office? ;) I'm so sorry. What a mess. And yes, better that you found it.

  2. ohhh man. I know this feeling.