Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And STAY done.

In light of yesterday's undoing of what had been several months worth of work, I took today off.

Truly, some days I feel more productive if I just don't touch anything.

So anyhow, my dear friend is having a baby boy in 2 months and her baby shower is this weekend.  I'm not able to attend but offered to help with games and favors.  I realized this morning that I needed to mail out the things I was contributing pretty soon if I wanted to get them to the hostess by Saturday's shower.  So instead of going to work I hit the craft store and Target.  I printed out a bunch of "baby shower gift bingo" cards on cardstock in blues and greens (each has 25 squares of things like "Something blue", "something with a dog on it", "something used for feeding") and assembled 8 prizes for the winners of that and other activities, and finally I packaged two dozen small favor baggies full of candy.  I also packaged up my gift to the baby (part of the projects I finished this weekend) and sent it all to the hostess.  DONE.

While I was shopping, I picked up the makings of a gift for a niece, several small items for the kids' stockings, and a collection of small items to make a gift basket for the kids' support staff at school.  And then while I was home I purchased two more gifts online.  DONE. (well, not done with shopping entirely, but at least those gifts are done.)

And finally, after marking up that quilt last weekend and finally washing and ironing the backing material last week, all that was left was measuring, cutting, and sewing the backing (just one long seam.  Once I got started, it took exactly 15 minutes and that included sewing a zipper back into Jorge's pajamas before I switched the thread out) and then sandwiching the layers.  Yes, that's the technical term.  So late this afternoon I spread out the backing material on the kitchen table, then spread out the batting (the fluffy white middle layer) to line up all the edges, and then spread the quilt top over it.  I tossed a bag of safety pins to the big kids and they opened them all as I pinned the layers, meaning I had the whole queen sized quilt pinned in record time.  I even had enough time to put an hoop on a corner and quilt about a foot of the border design before I had to pack it up so we could eat dinner.  Now it's folded and bagged and waiting to ship to the quilting team of aunts.  DONE.

Three major "to-do" items are marked off the list and will stay that way.  I'm now prepared to face the (apparently) never-ending project again.

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