Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today marks the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new church year.  And, of course, this year it also means the beginning of some new phrasing in the Catholic mass.  Ah, Catholicism: Finding new ways to alienate the doggedly faithful every decade.

This morning, in our usual chaos, Jorge and I went to the 8 AM mass and Rob took Katie to the later mid-morning mass so August could stay home all morning.  Since both kids are angels alone and rabid squirrels when combined, it was actually quite pleasant.  An older man even came up to us after mass and said he hadn't realized Jorge was even there (Jorge was the only kid I saw in the entire mass that morning; I only saw a handful of people under the age of 60.) and  complimented him on his exceptional manners and poise.  Jorge.  I'm not implying Jorge is prone to being difficult, I'm flat out saying it.  So for him to get a random compliment on top of my having told him at least three times during mass that he was doing a great job listening and controlling himself was huge.  Huge.  He was bursting with self-pride.  Turns out there's more than one way to get attention and you don't always have to be the clown or the oppositional squeaky wheel after all.

So far this new year is off to a lovely start.


  1. Congrats, Jorge!

    So, notice that this week's Scripture theme is straight out of Goblet of Fire? CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

  2. We were remarking on that, too. Good Ol' (fake) Moody.

  3. "rabid squirrels" Hahahahaha! I'm still laughing over that one. Thank you!

    And congratulations to Jorge!! Woo-woo!