Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interview with August (as represented by his agent, Mama)

[Age 13 months today]

What is your favorite food?  Mama Milk.  And Banana pudding.  And toast.  Also hard boiled eggs.
What is your favorite song to sing? You don't know the words but it involves screeching a lot.
What is your favorite song to listen to?  OK Go for dancing
What is your favorite movie? I don't think he's ever seen a real movie.
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?  Based on action, squirrel.
What is your favorite color? Edible.
If you could pick one vegetable for us to never eat again, what would it be? cardboard?
What is your favorite book? Cardboard.
Where would you like to go on a vacation?  Mama
Who is your best friend? Mama
What do you like to do with this friend? Nurse
What is your favorite outfit?  Nekkid.  or a diaper.  Or slathered in food.
Can you tell me a joke that you like?  I'm more of a physical comedy guy.  Like the one where Dad hides behind a corner and I sneak around and scare him.  Or where I throw myself down on mama's face and give her full-face zerberts.
Fairies or Princesses?  Sure.  I'll try one.
Favorite Flower?  Sure.
Favorite Bird?  I haven't actually had meat yet.  I dig the crazy three-feathered bird on my FP toys.
Favorite Butterfly? The one on my pool that serves as a ball pit.
Favorite Season?  Nighttime.  All-night-access to snuggles.
Favorite work at School?  Learning to walk and sign.
Favorite Dinosaur?  The pointy ones hurt my mouth.
What do you think are three words that describe you? I'm pretty sure I'm hilarious.  And all powerful.  And starving.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I've already got it pretty good.  Not going to bother with that fool's game of growing up.
Anything else you want to share? Sleep is for wimps, but I love snuggling.  Vacuums and hair dryers--what's up with that?  Bad idea.  And if I do need the money, I'll be a drummer.

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