Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who We Are

The Cast and Crew:

Julie -- mom, researcher, professor, craft-geek, mathemagician, chronic sleep craver, chocolate and coffee consumer, and wannabee runner and photographer.  Prone to over-thinking life and under-thinking words.

Rob -- fearless husband and amazing mostly-stay-at-home dad, part-time professor, biology fanatic and champion for the earth and all things environmental, gardener, hoarder of scraps, bicycle fanatic with Jens Voigt ambition.

(Married since August 5, 2000)

Katie -- June 2005 -- loves books, ballet, and her best friends, fairies, princesses, and her happy hippo.  She wants to be just like mommy and loves to craft, paint, read, write, draw, sew, spin yarn, and reverse engineer everything.  Wants to be an engineer when she grows up, as long as she can wear a princess dress a few days a week and be a mom, too.

Jorge -- January 2007--loves dinosaurs, riddles, puzzles, adventure, cars, legos, and whatever Katie has.  Prone to clowning and striking poses and often so engrossed in his own head he falls down or walks into walls. Loves to hear stories and reading.  Loves to paint in big bright colors, hides his anxiety under screaming and clowning, and fiercely passionate about every opinion.

August--August 2010--curly haired and all smiles, big blue eyes and the world's very best laugh.  Balanced by the title of World's Worst Sleeper.  Loves to chase the "big kids" and make noise, never misses an opportunity to climb, and crazy about animals.

Maryna -- May, 1998 -- We adopted a dear girl who we met over Christmas 2013 through an orphan hosting organization.  She is smart, brave, and a former fan of Justin Bieber (music is still ok; his behavior cost him a too-smart-to-tolerate-it fan).  She likes adventure and speed and all things teenager-y.

The Furry ones:

Daphne -- February 2003 -- 65 pound mutt; likely a mix of Chesapeake Bay retriever and German Shepherd. Docile and timid and not terribly bright but a fierce defender of the house should someone dare walk past.  The kids love her (unless her tail is smacking them in the face).

Llora (yor'-ah) (aka Yo-Yo) -- March 1998 -- rescued barn kitten turned into the world's most useless cat.  Generally not seen, we mainly know she's alive by the occasional accident she leaves on the floor somewhere and the warm dent on the couch pillow in the morning.  (YoYo died Nov 2012.)

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