Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking up

Remember that post a week or so ago about how I am always paranoid I'll type my password somewhere public? Yea, I did that in class Wednesday and just now figured out how to change it on the big central system.

Know what else I'm afraid of? Finding giant bags of money and a signed tenure agreement. Let's see what that brings, eh?

But after a solid week now of miserable sickness in the house...
  • The kids are feeling better.
  • Katie went back to school after a five day break.
  • I tried the gym and loved it; going back tomorrow.
  • Booked tickets for Rob & I to take Katie to the Nutcracker in 3 weeks and got her ticket free thanks to my fantastic sister-in-law. (shh...don't mention it to Katie, it's a secret)
  • Rob and Jorge had a good morning. Even went for a walk and stopped at the cafe.
  • Katie and Jorge both took good naps.
  • I made it home in time for dinner as a family.
  • Which means I was also home for some snugly bedtime kids
  • Tonight I hit the sport's store for a bigger gym bag (as opposed to all of my 1/2 purse, 1/2 tote options which don't even fit the towels let alone the outfit, shoes, hairdryer, and toiletries) and found the one I'd been eyeing online for 25% off. It's packed and ready for tomorrow and just the right size.

Finally starting to feel like we have our heads above water again. (knock on wood...)

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