Monday, November 09, 2009

I not want to

Since Thursday night Jorge has slept approximately twenty hours. Four nights, four bad nights of sleep.

He's feverish and miserable. He whines constantly. Mostly he just whimpers out "I not want to." Generally it's not in relation to any particular verb, he just doesn't want to.

For three nights I've slept on the floor. Correction: The first night I slept on the floor; the next night he decided he wanted to sleep on the floor with or without me and so now he sleeps on the floor. Sometime around midnight he wakes up and we re-medicate. Sometime around 2 AM he wakes up coughing his little brains out and I end up sitting with him until 5 AM and finally passing out next to him and then crawling back to my bed at 6 AM and then Rob wakes up with him at 6:45 when he wakes up like clockwork, perky, and starts singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It's a damn good thing he's cute.

Tonight I came home from work to find him not sleeping but instead sitting in his room playing with various toys from the basket next to his crib which was now within reach of his little nest. He was expecting me to tell him the Strawberry Story. I made him return most of the toys and the whining started; I asked him to lay down to hear the story and there it was "I not want to....I not want to.....I not want to...."

Not want to what? He doesn't know. He just does not want to. And neither do I. I know we can't give him Nyquil; would it be so wrong to just dose ourselves?

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