Sunday, November 08, 2009

Crochet and Knitting Projects

First up was completing the purple and pink scarf which Katie and I have been crocheting since late summer. She had picked out the two-toned skein of yarn and a pink crochet hook (never mind things like sizes...we shop by color) for her birthday and we double-crocheted our way to a scarf. By "we", of course, I mean that Katie spent most of the time sitting on my lap and holding the crochet hook while I moved the project and yarn around to crochet. But she did learn the little chant of "loop and dive, and pull...and pull...and pull" pretty well. I think she'll be ready for her own project next year; perhaps a wash cloth.

Friday night I added another foot or so to the scarf and then added the tassels. I individually knotted each string at the bottom so here's hoping they don't fray out into one furry clump in the first washing.

Next to the scarf you'll see this weekend's main event: Katie's own pair of fingerless gloves.

I'm chronically cold with terrible circulation in my fingers so when I saw some simple fingerless gloves--think socks with the toes cut off and a hole slit in for the thumb--on the cheap at Target I grabbed them. Lovely. My hands/wrists stay warm and all 10 fingers are still easily available for typing, knitting, or other who-turned-the-heat-down-indoor or mild-weather-outdoor activities. Katie fell in love with them and so I hunted online for a simple tutorial on them. This pattern at purlbee was as simple as I found. She loves them.

Finally, since her crochet hook was free and clear after Friday night's scarf completion, she asked me to make a skirt for her Happy Hippo. That turned into a request for a dress so a top was added in red. She was so impressed it inspired a painting at her easel.

Also: Jorge has a flu-type bug and has been hacking and coughing and occasionally vomiting all weekend. His fever started in the 99.9 arena Saturday night and with each dose of medicine it would come back higher than before, topping out at 103 this afternoon. He's finally asleep after about 48 hours of coughing and miserable misery. It was a gorgeous sunny weekend and Katie had two birthday parties to attend so it ended up being a bit crazy here, but we did manage to get outside to blow some of the stink off each day. It's a little alarming how stir crazy we all were after a week of rainy, cold, snowy weather; it's going to be a long winter.

Technical Details
Note: my adjustments to the knitting pattern to make it kid-sized

1. I only cast on 28 stitches rather than 40. I also used size 7 DPNs and a thick yarn so adjust that to make a circumference that works for your wearer.

2. I then joined the ends and knitted in the round with a rib stitch (K1 P1 all the way around and around) until it was a reasonable length to be the base of the thumb--about 26 rows with my yarn/needles/tension.

3. I followed purlbee's instructions on making the thumb gusset but only did the first 4 increases (rows 1-6 as instructed) and then skipped to the bind off (row 13), but only bound off 5 stitches. This made a pretty tiny thumb hole which is just the right size for her. It's also very stubby (about 1/4") but that's enough to hit her first knuckle.

4. From there I did about 3 more rows of rib stitches and the eyelet row. However, when she tried it on after I'd cast it off it was not quite long enough across her palm and back of hand so I added a double-crochet crocheted edge by putting two double-crochets into each eyelet hole. That added about 1/4" which made it fit more like my store-bought ones.

Next up: some adult ones! Who wants them?

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  1. I want them! My experience with dpns is dismal at best and regrettable at worst.