Friday, November 06, 2009

Am I the only one (ok, besides Rob, but he's confirmed crotchety)

First there was just "shop early" which led to the ridiculousness that is "Black Friday" and now, it seems, we have to deal with "Black November".

Tonight I saw "pre-black-friday-shop-for-Christmas-tomorrow-or-your-greedy-awful-materialistic-kids-will-hate-you-forever" commercials AND newscasts for at least 5 stores. About sales they are running now, already, the first week of November, for Christmas. If I see that horrible Kohls commercial where the smug moms sing about how much junk they've bought for their precious snowflake kids one more time I'm going to boycott. Kohls, the tv, shopping in general--something will be boycotted.

It's getting worse, right? I'm not just getting more crotchety, too? I mean, I'm almost two weeks ahead of my usual grumbling point.


  1. Tivo.

    No commercials.



  2. DVR.

    I haven't watched a commercial in over a year. Except product placement ads, of course.

    You're not the only one.

  3. Yay, unfortunately DVR's pretty much require you to have a cable/sattelite service and we refuse to pay for TV. We so rarely watch TV anyhow and usually hit mute at the commercials, but the fact that our local news actually dedicated time to the already-happening price wars and the commercials I did catch while flipping channels was enough to set off the "Are you freakin' kidding me!?" buttons.

  4. Grrrrr. I walked out of Kohls yesterday when a Christmas song came on. I won't even mention which song, because I may even get to posting on my own blog soon, but it was awful. I may not even take in the 30% coupon from today's mail. (But I'm not tossing it out yet.)

  5. Tivo!!!! No cable TV required! Save yourself endless hours of channel surfing!

    (Sorry... we've had Tivo for about 4 years. We love it very, very much. Nothing like condensing the two-hour Biggest Loser episode down to 45 minutes)