Thursday, October 08, 2009


On top of Things Unbloggable, this week included (so far) (and yes this is mostly me whining a lot):

1. Katie spiked a fever Saturday and threw up Sunday and missed school Monday. She's fine now.

2. Jorge spiked a fever Sunday, was feverish through Weds, seems to have recovered.

3. Rob was sick Sunday.

4. Monday was my first exam in my class. I felt sick all day; passed out the exam and immediately had to be sick. E-mailed a colleague who ran down to my classroom to cover for me for 20 minutes of misery. Felt well enough to oversee the last 30 minutes of the exam. Begged various people to help me cover the later class with zero response. Got through it but then my TA forgot to show up to grade so 13 hours after getting to work sick I finally headed home.

5. Tuesday - Katie pitched an enormous fit about going to school which boiled down to her being worried that by missing Monday she was so far behind she would be unable to catch up and wanted to quit. Resolved that. Rob's uncle who has been very ill passed away. Not unexpected, but still very sad. Another 13-hour day of queasy/sick work in a high-stress day (meaning in a suit that's too small for me right now).

6. Wednesday - Ugly rainy wet day. Spent the whole day fighting with various administrative offices about that software that I need which ended with the software company saying we were too much hassle and they wouldn't be taking us as clients unless we knock it off, effectively stopping my ability to do research for the semester unless some heads get knocked together. Taught two classes, the second of which had about 60% attendance and both of which had poor attitudes. Went out to my car to find my tire completely flat courtesy of a nail. Had to stop at a service station in the dark in my skirt and heels in the rain to put air in it and then drive home along slow side streets due to the risk of the tire blowing out at 70 miles an hour. Third 13-hour day in a row. Went to bed and realized I'd forgotten to eat all day and had only had 2 cups of coffee, a bagel, and a bowl of cereal.

7. Thursday - Car-shuffling so Rob can get the tire(s) fixed, Katie's pediatrician called to say she could still come for her checkup today but both kids will have to reschedule flu shots because they're all out of vaccines, more drama with the software, and just as I was strongly considering working at home the rest of the day since I have not seen the kids since Sunday Rob called to say a transformer near our house blew up and we're out of power and the tire is still not ready and I'll be picking up Katie and blah blah blah.

8. I leave Sunday at 6 AM for a 3 day conference in San Diego. Have not yet planned my talk, filled in the missing speaker, planned my schedule while there, or arranged for any meetings with co-authors and such.

9. My little brother moved to England on Tuesday. Not that it matters much, he already lived pretty far away, but it's still a bummer that he's now all that much further away.

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  1. *reaches through the monitor and gives you the biggest hug ever*