Thursday, October 01, 2009


This past weekend we took a trip to Ohio, land of milk and honey; or at least milk and bacon. And bacon trumps honey pretty much any day of the week.

Also the land of the cows and pigs.

And the piglets.

And tractors and corn and hickory nuts and hammers and bench swings and cornhole.

And cousins--even itty bitty baby Madison cousins--and aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa.

And pizza and secret candy bars (oh, yes, Mom, she ratted you out.)

And grandma's cookie jar.

And did we mention Grandpa's tractor?

The kids cried pretty much the whole way home. "No home! More Ohio! Ohio! Oh-hiiiiii-ooooh" Even two hours at a Chuck E. Cheese to see Jorge's foster sister and her family was not enough to shake it out of them. Back in the car? Only if it's back to Ohio, lady.

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