Sunday, October 25, 2009

No, really, it was a lovely weekend...

This past weekend we went to a wedding in the DC area. Yet another of my cousins was getting married (note: I have over 40 first cousins--gotta love multiple generations of big families!--of which not quite 1/2 are now married) and we were very excited to go. Katie and I had new dresses for the occasion and Rob and Jorge were sporting suit coats and dress pants.

Unfortunately Jorge outgrew his dress shoes on the way there, so he ended up in crocs. Also unfortunately he didn't get a nap all day and fell asleep at the reception dinner but then woke up in the effort to transfer him to a bed and then refused to sleep but whined for a solid 3 hours. Also unfortunately, I contracted the plague half-way through the reception and by 5 PM was asleep in my hotel room, woke briefly to say a few goodbyes to the rarely-seen cousins, and was in bed for the night by 8 PM. If by "for the night" you mean "until Katie woke up puking at 1:30 at which point I got to sit with her and then help her change clothes, wash the vomit out of her hair, change her hotel bedding, and then sleep with Princess Kicky MacElbows." Because if that's your definition of "for the night" I feel really really sorry for you. Rob took it upon himself to party for both of us. Perhaps all four of us. And so we were a sorry, sorry, sad bunch of sick Sunday morning.

We had planned to see a St Louis-turned-DC friend in the morning and then make a detour on the way home to see Rob's dad, but we figured we should just head home rather than exposing the rest of the eastern seaboard. But the kids were super hyper active and so an hour into the drive we ended up meeting the friends at Dinosaur Land. The kids were enthralled and the mission was accomplished: once back in the car they slept most of the way home. We only got to visit with our friends for about 10 minutes total since they got there as we were ready to leave, but it was a nice treat to see them for the first time in 3 years.

All in all it was a good trip--despite the two loads of vomit-tastic laundry I've run so far tonight and the "yucky tummy yucky mouth" warning flares Jorge put out tonight--and we're so so glad we could go. I wish the kids would have had more fun, but they think they had a blast so I guess that's enough.

Congrats to Marie and Ford!

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