Friday, October 16, 2009

News or what counts as news around here

1. Rob has the plague. He's been in bed for about 30 hours.

2. Jorge's attempts to talk are mostly commendable. People are generally surprised to hear he's not even three yet when he starts chattering away, but that doesn't mean he's immune from mistakes. Last week one day he was talking to himself as he did a puzzle and I heard him loudly tell himself: "Focus!" However, it came out more like an x-rated invitation. Yesterday he turned to me at dinner and in all sweetness said what sounded like "Mama Dirty Ho?" I asked him to repeat it and it was exactly the same. Four times. By then I was practically crying I was trying so hard not to laugh so I just nodded and said "oh, ok." (For the record, I think it was "Mama Jorgie Home" after our long day of errands.)

3. Katie's school has a family party event thing this weekend and the girl is OUT OF HER HEAD with excitement. Please please please let us not have a family bout of plague or have Jorgie announcing to everyone that his mama is a dirty ho.


  1. For Rob .. about two (2) gallons of REAL chicken soup.. the kind where the spoon will float unaided on top .. and piping hot, of course.. will either kill or cure ! !.. and .. it can't hurt..

    Dad N

  2. On the flip side, if Jorgie announces you are a dirty ho you might get out of some of the dreaded PTA type tasks like organizing fund raisers etc. Might be a decent trade off? :)