Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Find Some Gin....Find a cup to put it in.

Part of Jorge's bedtime routine is to turn on his music and turn off his room light. Go figure, he prefers to do it himself by which I mean that any indication that anyone else may do it results in The Great Wailing with a side order of Horrified Shock And Dismay.

Tonight we traveled as a pack of three: him in my arms, Oso in his. He leaned down to hit play, then we headed to the light switch.

Giggling, he maneuvered Oso to get a paw extended with his own hand. "Oso do it. Oso do it. Oso turn off da light... ... .... yay Oso!"

Then he sacked out on my shoulder for the bedtime song*. A few seconds in he lifted his head, furrowed his brows, and whined: "Mama...Jorgie do it. Jorgie do it! Jorgie wanted to turn off the light!"

I assured him that it was ok, since after all, he had really been the one to do it, right?

"No! Oso turned off light. Jorgie do it!"

Three more times during the bedtime song he slipped into the preview of The Great Wailing (with a side order of Horrified Shock And Dismay, served mild) and insisted that he wanted to be the one to turn off the light. Three more times I tried to reason with a 2 year old. I even sternly warned Oso not to play with the lights because that was Jorgie's job. It was worth a shot.

I tucked him into bed and he sat up, looking confused and sad. "But...mama...Jorgie do the light. No let Oso do it." The Great Wailing was nearly upon us.

But...But... oh, forget it.

Get out. Turn on the light. Turn off the light. Happy kisses. Happy 2 year old snuggles into bed, kisses Oso, declares his love for me, and drifts off without another peep.

I'm learning. Someday I'll stop trying to reason with the two year old in the first place but for now, I'm learning.

*our current nighttime song is still Cumbayah. We sing the usual opening verse, then a "mommy loves you, cumbayah" verse, then "daddy loves you", "Katie loves you" and a big finish with "we are family (C), we will always be (C), Jorgie's family (C), Oh Lord, (C)." If we're feeling rushed we do the open, one verse with mommy, daddy, and Katie as separate lines, and then the big finish.

It's amazing how much both kids love that song. And how often we can work in things like "Please pour me some coke, cumbayah...and please add some rum...cumbayah...mommy's tired out...cumbayah...two shots...cumbayah."

PS. I joke. I only send orders for ice cream and chocolate through Cumbayah verse. Drink orders require a longer song.

Twinkle twinkle find some gin
find a cup to put it in
Ice and tonic, not too much
and some lime but just a touch
meet me on the porch in five
if I can get out alive.

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  1. I'm stealing your twinkle, twinkle song... fits my life to a Tee right now!