Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is your phone on crack

Last week I dropped my phone for the 100,000th time which was the upper tolerance limit, it seems, because the faceplate shattered. I dealt with the whole "glass shards in my ear" and "carry the phone in a ziplock bag to avoid dropping bits of glass everywhere" thing for three days, and I now have a new phone which is well beyond my technology comfort zone.

But it's come to my attention that my old phone tried to have one last hurrah and randomly dialed about half of my address book. If you got a two minute slice of random background noise last week, it's because my phone wanted to say goodbye.


  1. Whattya Mean ? .. 2 minutes ..
    How about over 10, yes, I said TEN minutes [probably because we were not home and the call went to voicemail].. of you talking to Katie and doing 'stuff' in the kitchen..
    At least it was the kitchen, could have been another 'room'.. and be somewhat embarrassing I suppose ..
    snicker snicker ..

    Dad N.

  2. Way to funny just made my day!