Tuesday, July 28, 2009

star crossed

I don't normally put much credence in these things, but I had to laugh tonight as I was checking my my.yahoo page for TV listings. My horoscope is listed there and this is what I found while listening to Jorgie working his "ma-ma! maaaa-maaaa! Mommy! Mooooommmmmmy! Mommmy! Maaa-maa-meee!" calls from upstairs.

Someone close to you may try to manipulate you, but that doesn't mean they'll get away with it -- or that you'll even let them get close. Once they start their pitch, in fact, your best bet may be to excuse yourself -- just after you announce that you're wise to their game. That is, of course, provided you don't lose it when you hear the whine in their voice. Try to remain calm. Saying no before they finish is enough to let you know you've won, isn't it?

To recap the night:

After the usual routine of bathroom, teeth, stories, more bathroom, we asked if he wanted me or Rob to sing his bedtime song and tuck him in. He chose Rob.

As soon as Rob was done, he insisted he'd really wanted mom.

I hadn't seen much of him today, so I conceded and also sang to him, rocked him, and put him to sleep.

Game On.

An hour ago he started calling for me. Not crying, not hurting, just calling. Then he got frantic and Rob checked on him. He asked to pee and we're pretty much suckers for that one for now, so off they went. Then back to bed and quiet descended on the house for all of 2 minutes.

For the last 40 minutes it's been "moom. moooommmmy. mama-ma. maaaaaamee. maa-maa-maa-meee. moooommmma. " Every single call is different from the last, called out in his whiniest calm voice.

Like a flippin' drill into my head.

And then silence for a minute. Maybe two. I take a deep breath and --"mommy! mama! mommy upstairs! mommy upstairs please! mommy where are you? Please come upstairs mama!"

(the "please" and "upstairs" are new. I guess I'll check on him. Gah.)

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