Friday, July 03, 2009

Now I'm wondering if maybe she was regretting spitting in my food

My sister and her boyfriend are visiting so this morning Rob and I hopped on our bikes and rode around the neighborhood for a bit and ended up, quite intentionally, at the cute little bistro at the corner.

Note: My dad mocks me endlessly because I describe darn near everything as "cute little". But this bistro? Is cute and little. Very little. Four booths and one cook/waitress/owner=little. And cute: toile curtains, all black and red with green plants and just adorable.

So. We have been to this place twice before. Once we stopped in with the kids just for dessert and once last March which was a bit chaotic. (summary: Jorge was too tired to eat there, kids food was quick and grownup food took longer so Rob took Jorge home, then Katie and I brought the kid food home, then Rob came back and picked up the grownup food and paid for it all). This time it was just the two of us so we settled into a booth and ordered our breakfast plates, tasting bites off of each other's plates, holding hands, talking...I'll spare you the sappy details. At the end, the owner/cook/waitress told us that she doesn't take plastic anymore and so Rob left to ride the two blocks to the ATM.

After Rob left I accepted the offer for a coffee refill and commented again on how delicious breakfast had been. She paused a second and then asked if I had eaten here before. I said yes and reminded her of the time in March, figuring that was probably not a typical customer experience and she perked up.

"Oh! That was you! I recognized your husband but you look so different. Did you color your hair? (yes) and get glasses? (yes; skipped contacts this morning) Oh, good...I thought he was here with some other woman but I'm so glad it's you!"

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  1. doesnt sound like tiffanys to me