Thursday, July 16, 2009

If you're happy and you know it... (now with video!)

...scream BAAAA!!!!!

Katie had her play tonight at VBS and was part of the Rowdy Flock O' Sheep for the nativity story, a nice reminder that we can celebrate Jesus's birth all year round without the whole American Christmas hoopla. No attempts at the tree and lights and such, just the Bible story.

She was belting out her songs at dinner before we headed to the church. She was beaming when they all paraded into the stage and that mega-watt smile was still on her face when we tucked her in tonight. Rob and I were thrilled to see her enjoying herself so much, holding her own among kids that were mostly older than her, talking with confidence to teacher and teacher's aids, and belting out songs to a church full of adults.

Edit: gack! Title fixed to protect the eyes of the grammar police, in which I was a once a Sergeant and have now been demoted to punk-who-makes-sundaes-for-cindy.

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  1. Okay. Your kid is adorable. What's not adorable? Your heinous misuse of the word "your" in your title. I thought you were Miss Grammar.


    "you're" sister cindy