Monday, June 22, 2009

Paperwork paperwork paperwork

The last three bits of paper related to Jorge's adoption and immigration:

1. Update his SSN card with his new last name (same number, just new card and update their files)
Status: Too busy/tired/lazy to get to the SSA offices but it'll happen yet this summer.

2. File the 884 to request they send us the secret sealed packet we carried from the embassy to immigration without peeking. Rumored to often contain photos with his birth mother and other important life history information.
Status: Awaiting me going to the bank or library to have my signature notarized on the last page.

3. File a form 565 along with his old certificate of citizenship (COC) and a copy of the legal name change document to request a new COC showing his new name.
Status: **SIGH**

The form is pretty easy; 2 pages of mostly mailing information and then the ID numbers from his COC and a few similarly easy details. We also have to include that he's still single, his current height, his birthdate, and 2 passport-style photos. Done done done.

The catch was the last page. There's a box ("Part 7") where the petitioner is supposed to sign and date the request. There's also a box ("Part 8") where it says, basically, if someone else helped you fill this out, they need to sign and date it here. Since Jorge can't sign for his petition, I put an "X" in part 7 and signed part 8 with my name followed by "(mother)".

It was returned to us last week with a note saying it was invalid because it was not signed. Let me remind you, Jorge's not quite two and a half. This is obvious from his photos, the fact that he's listed as 34" tall, and his birthdate.

I called the 800 number and pressed buttons and entered IDs and could not get past the voice recording informing me that our status was "returned for missing signatures". No human was available to tell me how I was supposed to get a 34" scribbler to sign his name.

I checked on the forums and got various responses--all of which apparently worked for the person offering it--but nothing consistent.

And so Friday I gave up. I sent it back with 4 copies of the second page with the following note:

To whom it may concern: The applicant is a two year old and the instructions for this document are unclear for the situation of an adult applying on behalf of her child. As such I have attached several copies of the second page reflecting the various instructions I have been given. Please use the appropriate document.

Thank you.

(my signature and typed full name)


1. New front page
2. Copy of second page signed by Jorge LastName (applicant) and me (preparer)
3. Copy of second page signed by just me in part 7 as applicant; no one else for preparer
4. Copy of second page signed by me in both parts 7 and 8
5. Copy of second page signed in Jorge’s name by me in part 7 and then me in part 8 as preparer.

Document #2 included a fair amount of Jorge-style signature scribbles. We'll see how that goes over.

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