Thursday, June 18, 2009

In case you weren't sure she was growing...

Remember this dress?

Katie in March 2007.

Yep, not quite 2.

And Katie this morning.

I have a hard time looking at these, because in my eye she somehow manages to be both kids at once--and yet I know we don't live in our St Louis house anymore (in fact, that house doesn't even exist anymore except as a scar in the ground behind a poorly built McMansion). But as long as she can still fit in her toddler clothes--even those re-purposed as little girl shirts to wear to school in the fall--I'm going to hang onto my mental image of toddler Katie. Denial denial denial.


  1. Oh my goodness. I love this! She's so big!


  2. she is too cute! The long hair and bangs really make her look older.

    Did you make that dress? I love it. Do you have a pattern for it or remember where the pattern came from? I'm starting to think about turning part of my office into a sewing station now that we have a girl.