Sunday, April 01, 2007

100 Things about Julie

Or as my dad would sing, "You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you."

  1. I was born on April 1, 1977
  2. Which means today I turn 30
  3. But after weeks of practice I can now say that without shuddering.
  4. Almost.
  5. I am married to a guy 4 days younger than me.
  6. I'll try not to hold that against him for the next 4 days.
  7. If he pulls the "ha ha, you're 30 and I'm still 29" thing more than 3 times I will not feel bad for giving him a wet willy.
  8. I'm working on my PhD and will do my proposal on Wednesday April 4.
  9. It will be a quiet disaster.
  10. As a guy with a PhD already, I would hope Rob is smart enough not to make jokes about my age on Wednesday.
  11. That's why he gets 3.
  12. I have the pleasure of being the mom of a toddler that looks just like her daddy.
  13. But she eats ice cream and chocolate like her mommy.
  14. I will probably share my ice cream and cake with her on my birthday.
  15. Only because I love her.
  16. And because she has my ability to screech in ultra-sonic rage when denied ice cream and cake and chocolate.
  17. She has all of the natural grace of the two of us combined, which makes her just a little clumsy.
  18. With my birthday on April Fool's Day, I take my clumsiness as part of my birth right.
  19. In 5th grade I fell down the same flight of elementary school stairs 3 times in one week.
  20. I earned a framed "Klutz of the Year" certificate that year.
  21. In 3rd grade gym class I ran into a boy's forehead and broke 4 teeth in half.
  22. I had been sneaking Smarties from my pocket and thought that's what was loose in my mouth so I swallowed them before the mean gym teacher got to me.
  23. It wasn't the first time I'd swallowed one of my teeth.
  24. I take all of my medicine without water, even my giant vitamins.
  25. I had to go to a dental specialist in a city an hour away in a different state every month for years. I had to have caps put on my teeth and root canals done.
  26. Those days when I got out of school early and got to ride in the car with just me and my mom or dad are some of my fondest childhood memories. I loved going to the dentist, just to get to talk to my parents for hours.
  27. I still like going to the dentist.
  28. I grew up in a very small farming town in western Ohio.
  29. I have 5 siblings, so there are 6 of us, 3 boys and 3 girls.
  30. I am the second oldest; the oldest girl.
  31. I want a lot of kids. And I want to adopt someday.
  32. My older brother is named after my great-grandpa. I am named after my great-aunt.
  33. I like names with family history.
  34. Katie is named after her great grandma and her grandma.
  35. My parents still live on the farm where they raised us.
  36. My youngest sister, Cindy, graduates high school this year.
  37. I made her a quilt for her graduation.
  38. That makes me feel even older than turning 30 does.
  39. My middle siblings will be mad if I don't mention them.
  40. Except Russell, who thinks the whole world basks in his golden-child glow. Which it does.
  41. My sisters are taller and skinnier than me.
  42. They're also funnier and cooler and younger.
  43. But I love them.
  44. I am very protective and bossy with my younger siblings.
  45. My sister, Sara, has always been able to make me completely furious but then crack me up so I'm laughing and yelling at the same time.
  46. I used to evict her from our room before she got home from school and throw all of her stuff in the hallway.
  47. I charged her a "room improvement tax" and made her contribute 50% of her income to a room fund.
  48. I've always been a tax-loving democrat, I guess.
  49. And a Martha Stewart, before Martha Stewart was popular.
  50. My youngest brother, Mark, is clumsy like me and Sara. He broke his collarbone while I was babysitting him and I always felt bad. He was 2.
  51. He was the cutest kid I've ever seen, still, to this day.
  52. My favorite sibling right now is my brother, Roman. Because he's older.
  53. My brothers are all 6' tall and are as skinny as rails.
  54. This makes me the short fat one in the family.
  55. At 5'6" and a size 4.
  56. We used to visit my grandparents in Indiana every Sunday after church.
  57. I used to complain about the 30 minute drive every single Sunday.
  58. I love my grandparents, and I love my parents, and I love seeing my parents talk with my grandparents.
  59. Generations fascinate me.
  60. When my grandpa was sick in his last few years, my dad and I drove up to visit him almost every day in the hospital. We would talk for the hour drive each way.
  61. That was when I really "got" that my parents were human and when my dad became my friend.
  62. Although he still annoys the crap out of me sometimes (hi dad!).
  63. My mom is a great mom. She was home with us every day and was fun and cool and made dinners and cookies and played games and taught us to garden and cook and work hard but without going insane.
  64. Well, she tried to teach us. I'm still working on learning how she did it.
  65. She loves to read and made it a point to read to us all of the time.
  66. Because of her, I read constantly as a kid and wish I had time to read more now.
  67. I went to Catholic elementary school and Catholic undergraduate.
  68. We're active in our faith and I say the rosary when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  69. I thank my parents for this.
  70. I started babysitting when I was 10, because I wanted to find an excuse to not be home on chicken-butchering day. It was worth the 25 cents per hour. I would have paid them to get out of the house that day.
  71. I was a terrible babysitter and was sure I'd end up being a terrible mom.
  72. I'm doing my best and that's all I can do.
  73. I don't think I'm especially smart, I think that I'm just really good at school. Like how some people are really good at dancing or singing or picking out paint colors.
  74. I suck at dancing, singing, and picking out paint colors.
  75. I don't work that hard at school, it all comes easily, and that makes me feel sort of guilty.
  76. I will be a professor next fall.
  77. I was in 4-H and learned to sew from my godmother.
  78. I got to the state competition for sewing.
  79. In band I played the clarinet and the bassoon but I am completely tone deaf.
  80. I loved band camp. And it was not like that stupid movie.
  81. I graduated 6th in my class, and Rob was valedictorian of his, but I got a full ride to college and he didn't.
  82. He claims it was because I had band and 4-H on my application. I say it was because I wrote a kick-butt application essay.
  83. My English teachers all suggested I go into writing. I won 3 writing awards in high school and published poetry in college.
  84. I went into math instead. Because it seemed easier.
  85. In college I developed an alter-ego super-hero character named the Wing-ed Butterfly and would dress up and run into my roommate's room and make her laugh until she cried.
  86. Rob says I have comic-book super-hero legs.
  87. Six years ago I put on a full Wing-ed Butterfly costume, took pictures, made a little online comic book with them, and sent it to a few friends as a joke.
  88. I have the coolest friends. They're artistic and sensitive and hilarious and pretty; even the boys.
  89. Rob was my best guy-friend in college.
  90. I tried to set him up with my friend and then realized I liked him.
  91. He proposed a few weeks after we graduated even though he had mono; "I got you, Babe" was on the car radio.
  92. We thought we were so mature and old. Now my siblings are that age and I realize we were toddlers.
  93. We got married August 5, 2000.
  94. My godmother made my wedding gown and I sewed on the 6, 547 individual pearls.
  95. We went to the Canadian Rockies for our honeymoon because we don't like people and because I don't enjoy beaches and Rob hates heat, so we went somewhere cold and quiet and perfect.
  96. I think I am the only woman alive that absolutely hates baths.
  97. I refuse to consider buying a house that wastes space on a fancy bath tub.
  98. After 6.5 years of marriage, I still think of Rob as my closest friend.
  99. We still haven't found anything worth raising our voices over in any seriousness.
  100. Although if he comments on my age too many times I may start screaming and can't be held responsible for my actions.



    Hugs says: That was worth standing up to read (I'm sitting in front of our pc and was so rude to my pregnant wife I didn't offer her my seat or my lap while we read).

    Very good.

    Good luck on your proposal on wednesday.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I hate baths too! Sitting in your own soup! And I hopr to adopt too! But I need a bigger house first!

  3. Hope your birthday sucks.
    April Fools!
    Seriously, though, you're thirty.
    Rock on.


  4. Whoa. 30 already. You know, because of the new time change, you have to celebrate TWO birthdays this year. Have fun!

  5. And you said my fashion statement was something...this Wing-ed Butterfly thing seems to top anything I've come up with so far.

    So you are the queen of fashion and I bow.

    And also because you sewed on all those pearls.