Friday, July 14, 2006


Oh. My. Gosh.

We took the kids to freeplay at Gymboree today, an indoor playplace for toddlers that's essentially a world made out of wrestling mats, tubes, and pure adrenaline. We ended up staying for a taste of the toddler "class" which, start to finish, was sixty minutes of belting out tunes, crawling through tubes, hoops, balls, up, down, in, out, through (our word of the day!), over, under....whew. Every song ended with the instructor shaking a tambourine and shouting "Yay!!! Clap For Them!!!!!!! !!! !!" (There are just not enough exclamation points in the world for that instructor)

Out came the parachute and we did up and down, over and under, and Katie worked on her own preposition demonstration by plodding straight through the kids and under the parachute and out and over to the ladder and up to a perch. Sensory overload. By the time we were tossing balls into the air with the parachute ("Making some popcorn, shake it shake it, it's getting hotter, and..BANG BANG BANG!!!! BANG BANG BANG!!!) Dylan was ready to join her in some nice quiet solitude. Briana and I weren't far behind. It was a blast, and the kids loved it, but now we understand why other moms say "oh, no, we can't do anything else today we have Gymboree at 4 today." It's a full day's worth of fun condensed into an hour.


  1. "D is for Dylan, that's good enough for me!!! K is for Katie, that's good enough for me..."
    Thanks for the wild and crazy fun yesterday. I love you.
    And I think I need a nap! :)

  2. Yeah, sometimes I stop over to gymboree.
    The tunnels weren't quite my size though and some tiny kid kept telling me to hurry up.
    Kids need to learn the art of patience.