Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pottery Barn meets Martha Stewart meets Me

Flipping through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog last week I saw a beautiful mobile made from ribbons that I thought would be awesome over the changing table to distract our little acrobat. As usual the thought process went:

"ooh, pretty....oh, $39. For that? I could make that. I could totally make that."

Today I made it. I used a wire hanger from the closet and a few spools of ribbon I've had sitting in my sewing room begging to be used for something more than coasters. Oh, and my mean-tempered glue gun.

Total Cost: The fingertips on my right hand. But Katie loves it and since I've already sacrificed most of my body for her, what's a few fingerprints?


  1. nice....isn't the stuff you buy in the store such a sham sometimes?


  2. Wow. That is really beautiful and a great distraction idea!

  3. You know, if you solve the fingertip problem, this could make a new product for you.