Sunday, January 25, 2015

August, looking at a cookbook:  Look at this picture!  It's chocolate pretzals on a coordinating candy plate.

Me: coordinating?  [man, my kid is bright]

August: No, I said 'hardin-ating'.

Me: ??

August: 'Hardin-ating'.  Like, it's hard and getting harder.  Like your skin is hardinating.  And that brownie in this picture is hardinating.  And hardinating is when things are hard.

[And, back to normal]

Friday, January 23, 2015

Evidence of the kind of week it's been

  1. A half-pound of gum-drops at 9:30AM felt like a valid life choice.
  2. The simple fact that all 6 members of our family are in the classrooms/offices they are supposed to be in during this moment in time feels like a victory over all things.
  3. Five different projects are being managed simultaneously and I can't remember which one this paper supports -- all of them?  none?  Why did I print this?
  4. Knock on wood, but if we make it to 2:20 today, we'll have TWO full weeks without a sick day.  Don't begin to imagine that happened without significant effort.
  5. Seventy-five percent of the children in our house have had a tantrum at some point this week that involved throwing things.  

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Love is strong, right?  Love is what makes your bones and muscles strong.

I think I'm stronger than anyone in this family.  Because I have the most love.

Monday, January 05, 2015

American Schools are ludicrous

A breakdown of our experience with public high school:

Week 1: 3 days [court date for adoption; superintendents day]
Week 2: 4 days [sick day]
Week 3: 4 days [medical appointment]
Week 4: 2 days [2 days sick; veterans day]
Week 5: 1.5 days [sick, death in family]
Week 6: 1 day [funeral, Thanksgiving]
Week 7: 3 days [2 sick days]
Week 8: 3 days [snow day, professional development day]
Week 9: 5 Full Days!
Weeks 10 and 11: 2 weeks of winter break
Week 12: 2 full days, 2 half days [1 snow day--zero flakes seen all day; 2 delays days]

For the record, this week is already ruined as a full-week.  Next week is possible  Then there's MLK day (4 day week) and then basically the school is closed the next week (exams she doesn't have to take), 2 weeks "on", a week off, 3 full weeks(!?!?!), a partial week, 1 full week, a partial week, a week off, 4 full weeks (never going to happen), 2 more partial weeks... There is no school.

Update with a running log:

Week 13: 1 half day, 1 1-hour day [1 sick, 1 delay, 1 delay and then home early sick, 2 sick]
Week 14: ? [MLK day, ...] 4 days

Sunday, January 04, 2015

4 year old--Word Of the Day

Lip-Chap:  the stuff you put on sore dry lips.  "mama, do you want to use my lip-chap?"

Saturday, January 03, 2015

A few observations

1. Combining three or more cultures at Christmas time means a crap-ton of traditions and food.
New Years Eve Guatemalan Tamales deferred since Christmas Eve;
Ukrainian New Years Day feast.  That's right, 2 meals.

2. It also means an exhaussting amount of gift giving.  December 6th's St Nicholas Day (my childhood tradition), December 19th St Nicholas Day (Ukraine), December 24th (Guatemala, America), December 25th (America), December 31 (Guatemala, America), January 1 (Ukraine), January 6 (Ukraine).  The are not enough nail polish colors and Lego sets to cover it all.

3.  Loss, grief, homesickness, disappointment at missed expectations, frustrations at chronic disappointments, and general mood are all MORE at this time of year.

4. Magic still occasionally happens.

5. Fish are a complicated gift.

6. Girlfriends are like oxygen to teenage girls.  We all need someone we can talk to effortlessly.  I barely survived week-long family vacations without my girlfriends at this age.  Not to say I don't now see it as a bit dramatic (oh, it is.  Sorry mom and dad.) but it's the way girls work.

7. Eating comfort foods of another country can be eye-opening.  And stomach turning.

8. Four year olds never ever ever stop.  Talking, moving, asking questions, eating, climbing--incessant.

9. Lists feel like failures without 10 items.

10. Routine is our friend.  Chaotic 2.5 week vacations are not.

Friday, December 26, 2014

August: Can I tell you my two favorite things in the world?  Candy and Sugar.