Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More wisdom of August

August (4):

Kisses let you share spit. But they also let you share love. So they're kind of good and kind of bad.

Friday, December 12, 2014

August, singing: "BOY to the world, the Lord has come..."
Meh, he's not wrong.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

And the Fire is SO delightful

But since it drives the kids outside....

Let it Snow

Let it snow

Let it snow

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

On the silence

It's been hard here, but there's also been a lot of good.  There are daily highs and lows and sometimes stretches of good and (what often feel like endless) stretches of bad.

But I'm not sure where these things fall under the Things UnBloggable umbrella.  Maryna is not a newborn.  I can't write about something silly that she does that may embarrass her, or crow about her accomplishments--that may also embarrass her.  Of all the things she has the right to, privacy is pretty high up on that list.  She's had precious little privacy for the past 5 years.  I want to respect that.  I could just post stuff that she already shares on Facebook and VK, I suppose, but it's her life, not mine.  I'm glad we are a part of it, but it's her story to tell.  I hope that someday she will share it with me.

The death of Rob's mom came after a very long illness, but for her sake it also fell under Things UnBloggable and largely stays there.  It was an all-consuming summer and autumn here, with Maryna's' hosting and adoption and Mom's health concerns and a constant sense of censorship regarding what can and should be discussed in front of or about various people.  The adoption is done.  We lost Rob's mom.  But I am still very careful about what we say or share.

Katie, Jorge, and August are still fair game, they're just busy. Busy talking endlessly about every thought that drifts across his brain (August), busy working through some life issues which means daily screaming fits that result in bloody noses and exhausted parents and burnt out everyone (Jorge), and busy working on world domination and utopian enforcement (Katie).

As we prepare for Christmas and remember last year's preparations--just after the diagnosis, just before Maryna's arrival--it's a bit surreal.  So much has happened this year.  I can't remember a more stressful year. Work has been disasterously bad this year (go figure) and leaves me in tears.  The kids are all healthy and growing and learning and that's a gift.  But the stress of this year has been very hard on all of us. It affects our patience and parenting and our interactions with everyone around us. We're tired all the way down to our bones and there's no end in sight.  I'm grateful for a husband I respect and trust and for a family (both in our house and our extended family all across the country) that brings joy and love and support to every day.

Writing helps me keep perspective.  The blog continues.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

GenerationsOn Tuesday, Nov 18, Rob's mom, Sheila, passed away.  She had been ill, so it was not a shock, but it was still very hard.  Calling hours were today.  The funeral is tomorrow.

We are very grateful for the seven years we have lived here.  We've had birthday parties, holidays, weekend visits, kid sleepovers, and hundreds of other visits and get-togethers.  The kids know and love her dearly.

Please keep us all in your prayers--especially the kids.

From one of my favorite early posts about Rob and his mom.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Notes from an angry food allergy person

The most exhausting thing about traveling for me is food.  I hate food.  Today's entire list of available foods for me: a scrambled egg, bacon, and very questionable potatoes around 10:30 this morning from a diner I found.  It's now 7pm.  I have found nothing else safe to eat today except to drink a ton of water.

Yesterdays finds: Ben & Jerry's for breakfast, a steak with baked potato at lunch (whoohoo!), and then some popcorn and candy from the gift shop for dinner.

Literally want to just cry I'm so frustrated with food.

Sunday?  The sandwich I packed for the plane, a bag of chips and a cruddy salad from a Subway (why do they practically puree them now?  yuck).

I'm hungry.

Surrounding my hotel are a huge collection of Thai, Chinese, Indian, and other restaurants.  Nothing that's likely to be reasonably safe.  I don't want to walk around a strange city by myself looking for something that might have food I can eat.  I really don't want to sit and deal with the menu process alone, but don't want to subject anyone else to it, either.

Looks like another pint of Ben & Jerrys from the gift shop.

And of the 5 flavors they have there, the only one that doesn't contain bits of brownie, cookie, or other wheat-containing product is Cherry Garcia.  I don't particularly like it, but it's literally my healthiest option.  It's that or Doritos.

Sorry, just venting.  3 days of near-fasting makes a girl extra whiney.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


So, missed the first day of NaBloPoMo which, is that even a thing anymore?  Does anyone really need another thing to do in November?  I mean, I'm swamped, aren't you?

I did get a nice kick-in-the-pants motivation for getting more writing done at my actual pays-the-bills job, though, and think I'll use NaNoWriMo to inspire me.  NaPaWriMo (Paper Writing Month) works for me.

Things here?  Good.  Sometimes great, sometimes tolerable, occasionally overwhelmingly hard enough for a good cry and a Klondike bar (Thank you, Klondike bars, for making the closest thing I can get to a gluten free ice cream sandwich.  Sometimes a girl just needs her comfort foods.).  Right now?  Daunting but in the "better get moving, or it won't get done" and not in the "might as well go to bed because there's no way this can get done" way.

Pip Pip, cheerio (but make mine corn chex.  They're gluten free, but less rhyme-y.)

Oh, pics of the kids?  Fine.

Halloween, and then fun hair extensions from Claire's (also known as "cheap-y enough to not be really seriously usable but cute enough to want to buy really expensive ones" -- the gateway extensions)